Netent vs Playtech - Which Is Better?

A report by iGaming indicated that Netent and Playtech had scooped top positions among casino software makers in the UK. The report, released in 2017, placed Playtech ahead of Netent, sparking fierce market wars. Visit to find out if Netent should rank behind Playtech.

What About Financial Statistics?

When it comes to financial statistics, Playtech beats Netent by a big margin. In 2017, Playtech raked in $990 million compared to Netent's paltry $175 million. But both companies are listed on their respective stock exchanges. Click to learn more. Clearly, Playtech is far ahead of Netent.

  1. Playtech enjoys greater revenues of up to $990 million.
  2. Netent has lower revenues amounting to only $175 million

In spite of the wide gap between their revenues, Netent and Playtech have a firm grip on the casino software market. Other players, such as Microgaming, are breathing down their necks but can't match their prowess. It may take time for the other to catch up.

Comparison of the Software Platforms

When it comes to the software platform, Playtech still emerges the winner despite coming to the scene later than its closest rival, Netent. Playtech offers cross-platform software that allows playing their games on any device and platform. Some Netent games can only be accessed from the browser.

However, playing second fiddle to Playtech has afforded Netentcertain privileges. For instance, being second enables Netent to watch out for mistakes and weaknesses from Playtech and exploit them to their advantage. It is for this reason that Netent is venturing into VR games.

Comparison of Specific Features

The success of Playtech can be attributed to its early efforts to develop mobile-friendly games. It has over 500 titles, twice as many as those listed by Netent. Playtech also boasts of branded slots, such as Gladiator, by partnering with global giants such as HBO and MGM

Netent provides for an immersive gaming experience through its various innovations. For instance, you can play your favorite slots via VR. Netent also provides free trials for players who want to try out new games on their platform. You may also use the autoplay feature on some games.


VR Gambling: Can Netent Exploit It?

Can Netent use VR technology to upstage Playtech? Well, Netent has produced several titles compatible with VR and has attracted many online players. However, it still remains to be seen if the casino software developer can leverage VR to help it forge ahead and grab a substantial market share.

  • Netent can use VR to capture more markets
  • Netent can provide more technological support for its clients.

The only way for Netent to catch up with Playtech is perhaps investing in technology. Many of the players would go for high-end graphics, compelling audio effects, and breath-taking themes. VR technology could be the best place to start, and going forward, could help them gain more customers.

Make Your Choice

As the player, the choice is essentially yours to make. Whether you want to go for cross-platform titles or VR technology, it may just boil down to your personal preferences. If you love free trials and topnotch technology such as VR, you could consider Netent.

However, you would probably want something you can access from your mobile device as well. Or a downloadable game you could play offline while on a flight to the Bahamas. If that is the case, Playtech should be your last stop. Or you could go for both worlds.

Last modified: 20 January 2021